Top 5 Geek Monitors

Geek Monitors

When it comes to the most ideal computer monitor / geek monitors, image quality is the holy grail. OLED panels are the latest and greatest entrants to the market, and they have clear advantages over their predecessors. Alienware’s AW3423DW is a superb example, although it’s not primarily aimed at gamers.

Gigabyte’s FI27Q

The Gigabyte FI27Q is a great gaming monitor / geek monitors with a 27″ IPS panel and a 165Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it supports NVIDIA’s G-SYNC for improved input and tearing-free viewing. It also has a built-in LED, which enhances contrast and colour accuracy.

The Gigabyte FI27Q-P supports High-DPI (HDR) and also supports 10-bit colour. High-resolution monitors usually come with DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, which are only adequate for delivering 8-bit colour at 144Hz. But the Gigabyte FI27Q-PS offers 10 bit colour at 144Hz.

This monitor’s color volume is good, and it has excellent SDR color volume. However, it cannot deliver dark saturated colors. But HDR (High Dynamic Range) color gamut is good, and it offers good coverage of the DCI P3 and Rec. 2020 color spaces. Its contrast ratio is also good.

While the FI27Q’s screen isn’t as deep as a gaming monitor, it is comparatively shallow in comparison to many gaming monitors. This means that it will take up less desk space than a gaming monitor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the most convenient stand.

The FI27Q features picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture functions. Both modes allow users to view multiple video sources at once. Moreover, it can switch audio sources. Another good feature is the wide range of adjustments. The screen has a glossy finish, and the bezel is matte black.

The FI27Q also supports HDR10, which allows for HDR compatibility. This feature is useful if you want to watch HDR movies and play HDR games.

The FI27Q automatically switches to HDR mode when HDR content is being displayed on the monitor. The display will also display a message in the middle of the screen if HDR is active.

Asus’s UltraWide 29-inch QHD LG screen

The Asus’s UltraWide 29-inches QHD LG geek monitor has an ultra-wide viewing angle and a 144Hz refresh rate for immersive gaming. The 144Hz refresh rate also helps minimize flickering. The monitor has Asus Eye Care technology to prevent eye fatigue and eye strain when playing games.

This ultra-wide display is perfect for any type of content, from gaming to watching professional films. It also supports HDR10, which means that you’ll be able to watch bright or dark scenes without any loss of detail or clarity.

If you’re looking for an ultra-wide monitor for gaming and professional purposes, you’ll want to make sure it has wall mounting capabilities. You’ll also want to think about your budget when purchasing an ultrawide screen. The LG 34WP65C-B gaming monitor has a high-quality panel that enables you to easily switch between gaming and work activities.

This monitor is equipped with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, which reduces one-third of your mouse motion and has a 160Hz refresh rate. It also features dynamic action sync for fast gaming without tearing.

Dell’s AW3423DW

If you’re a fan of pixel-packed monitors and are looking for a new monitor, look no further than Dell’s AW3423DW geek display. This monitor features an amazing 3 years of warranty protection and the company’s Premium Panel Warranty. That means that if you ever run into a problem with your monitor, you can get a replacement for free.

The AW3423DW offers great performance and factory calibration for an affordable price. It’s available from Dell for PS1099 (£1,199) and is an excellent choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts. In addition, you can get a 15% discount if you’re an employee or student of Dell.

The monitor features a QD-OLED panel that supports a wider colour gamut. This allows for 10-bit resolution and over a billion colours.

One downside to the AW3423DW is the fact that the display is prone to ghosting, an effect caused by the slow transition of pixels. This is especially noticeable when moving objects are present on the screen. However, you can fix this problem by running a factory reset, which will also wipe out any settings you have made in the monitor’s OSD.

OLED technology is not new, but has been on the horizon for some time now. OLED screens have already been used in a wide range of portable devices, including TVs and smartphones. However, the monitor market has largely been dominated by LCD panels. But Dell’s AW3423DW geek monitor has a new feature – a high refresh rate 34-inch ultrawide display with OLED technology.

The AW3423DW incorporates QD-OLED technology, which combines a blue OLED light source with Quantum Dots, which promises increased colour gamut and less chance of burn-in. It also comes with a G-SYNC module for variable refresh rate capabilities.

Among the features of the AW3423DW are dual-stage bezels and a slim frame that hides cables. The bezels are 6mm thick at the top and 9.5mm thick at the sides. The panel’s thin frame also features a thin ‘active area’ between the panel and image. This ‘active area’ moves the entire image, but it is only for a fraction of a second. In addition, a ‘joystick’ is provided for easy navigation and image selection.

LG’s 34WN80C-B

The LG 34WN80C-B is one of the best ultrawide monitors in the market today. It offers a lot of screen real estate and plenty of connectivity ports. In addition, this 34-inch monitor is reasonably priced. The screen boasts an 1800R curve and support for 10bit color depth.

This LG 34-inch monitor has excellent out-of-the-box performance. It has a high contrast ratio of 5M:1, making pictures bright and easily distinguishable. This high contrast level is important for professional and gaming users alike. The screen is also able to handle fast-paced game play without tearing.

The LG 34WN80C-B is a smaller version of the LG 34UC80-B geek monitor. It is similar to the 34UC80-B in size, color gamut, and design. It also supports USB-C connectivity and AMD’s FreeSync technology. Despite its small size, the LG 34WN80C-B is a good option if you need a high-resolution monitor for gaming.

It sports a sleek and minimalistic design. The base has a curved footprint, a telescopic arm with ergonomic adjustments, and VESA mount support. It also has a wide color gamut, which is especially important for creative professionals. Lastly, the 34WN80C-B is capable of displaying high-resolution graphics, including 4K video.

MSI’s Optix G27C6

MSI’s Optix G27 C6 Curved Gaming Monitor offers a 27″ curved screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 165Hz refresh rate, and a 178-degree viewing angle.

This monitor also features MSI’s Adaptive Sync, which matches the display’s refresh rate with the GPU for ultra-smooth gaming. This monitor is ideal for gamers who love to play fast-paced games.

MSI’s Optix G27 C6 geek monitor’s gray uniformity is acceptable, though it’s slightly poorer in darker scenes than it is in brighter scenes. The monitor’s out-of-the-box accuracy is good, but it’s lacking in local dimming capabilities. It’s also a bit slow when transitions occur, and overshoots slightly in some areas.

The MSI Optix G27C6 is an entry-level gaming monitor, but it doesn’t have the most features. Although it does support FreeSync and offers a 165Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort, it doesn’t support HDR, and its response time is a bit slow. However, it does have a very high contrast ratio, which is useful for dark gaming.