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If you’re new to computer science or want to make new friends, consider joining a community for programming geeks. Websites like GeeksforGeeks offer fresh, relevant content for aspiring learners and allow you to use your writing skills. You’ll be glad you did and have a blast getting to know your new friends.

GeeksforGeeks is a community of computer science geeks.

Programming Geeks – GeeksforGeeks is a website and community for computer science geeks. The website’s founders have created a platform for computer science geeks to learn fundamental skills and network with other geeks.

The site’s founder, Sandeep Jain, went to a municipal school in Uttar Pradesh and graduated from a tier 3 college. He thought a tier 1 college tag would help him get his dream job, so he prepared for IIT. After graduating, he hustled to get a job at an MNC.

The GeeksforGeeks portal offers a variety of online courses in computer science and other related subjects. The mission of the site is to make quality learning accessible to all. There is free content, job listings, and coding events. GeeksforGeeks also provides resources for interview preparation and resume building.

GeeksforGeeks is an excellent resource for learning programming languages. The site’s course modules cover everything from computer science fundamentals to deep topics like machine learning. You can choose a module or a course suitable for you and your level of knowledge.

Moreover, the GeeksforGeeks platform features videos that accompany each module. Ultimately, learning is more fun when the content is fun and engaging!

GeeksforGeeks offers tutorials and paid courses on various computer sciences. The site’s content is written by experts and is an excellent resource for beginners. It also provides articles on topics such as data structures and algorithms.

GeeksforGeeks also hosts a programming platform that allows students to test their skills in various programming languages. This platform has become a hub for computer science students and is dedicated to helping them succeed.

GeeksforGeeks started with six people and now has over 300 employees. Today, the site boasts a community of 40 million geeks worldwide, 100,000+ contributors, and ten thousand campus ambassadors. Today, GeeksforGeeks has a Global Traffic Rank of 295, 48th in India, and over 3.5 million unique visitors per day. The site has experienced a 40-45% growth over the past two years.

The site offers access to various programming training materials, including practice for computer science entrance exams. It also demonstrates an inclusive approach to all types of technical concepts. The site shows some ways to solve programming problems and explains which one is most appropriate for each issue. This is especially important in India, where there is a gap between students’ skills and the industry’s skills.

GeeksforGeeks has been gaining considerable growth over the past couple of years, with more than 500k downloads on its app. The website has earned a reputation for quality content and is one of the most popular sites in the world.

It provides updated, relevant and innovative content for learners.

Programming geeks is a resource that provides updated, relevant and innovative content to learners of computer science. Its mission is to improve students’ learning experience in every aspect of computing. For this purpose, it offers free online courses for kids and adult learners. The online courses are geared towards introducing students to modern technologies.

With over 30 million page views per month, the site has a growing community of over 40 million ‘Geeks worldwide. The site also hosts some contributors, including over 10,000 Campus Ambassadors. Its website receives over 3.5 million unique visitors daily and has grown by over 45 percent over the past two years.

GeeksforGeeks began as a six-person startup and has grown to over 300 employees. In the past two years, they have built a community of over 40 million geeks, 100,000 contributors, and more than 10,000 campus ambassadors. The company has an overall Global Traffic Rank of 295 and is ranked 48 in India. It has 3.5 million+ visitors daily, and its revenue has increased by 40 to 45 percent.