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Geeks Web Sites are for those looking for a web site for technology geeks. There are several great web sites to choose from. Here are a few to get you started. You can find a variety of topics on Techdirt, Hack a Day, and Diverse Tech Geek. All three sites are extremely useful, and are worth checking out.

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TechDirt Logo

Techdirt is a popular news and analysis web site that focuses on the latest trends in technology. Mike Masnick started the site in 1997 and since then, it has become a community of bloggers. The site uses an economic framework to analyze news stories related to technology and government policy. It also offers insightful commentary on legal issues. It has expanded its coverage to include consumer rights and civil liberties.

For the tech geek, the site is a paradise of articles and reviews. There are a few blogs about technology and geek culture, from gadget reviews to technology gossip. “Does IT Matter?” by Nick Carr is another great example of a technology blog. He often takes issue with companies and technologies he finds problematic.

Hack a Day

Hack a Day is a program on the web that encourages people to take on technical challenges and create useful things. There are many different types of hacks that you can do. Some of them are easy and simple, and some of them require a lot of knowledge or experience. For example, some people may be able to reverse engineer a piece of hardware to create something useful. For others, the goal is to create something entirely new.

Hackaday is run by a team of passionate hackers and makers. The website has a diverse range of topics that range from electronics to robotics. Its contributors come from a variety of professions. Phillip Torrone founded the site, which was originally a part of the popular tech magazine Engadget. In 2007, Computerworld ranked Hackaday as one of the top 10 websites. It has since been acquired by Supplyframe, which is now Siemens.

The winners of the contest can win prizes in a variety of categories. The best project in the “Best Young Scientist” category, for example, won the “Best Young Scientist” award. The “Judges Would Like to Own” category was won by a team led by Kira Hammond. And for the “Most Marketable” category, the winning hack was presented with a $10,000 prize.

The program also includes a variety of beginner-friendly challenges, with everyone receiving points for completing the tasks. This includes social media postings, design challenges, and a range of others. There are also workshops to help participants complete the challenges.

Diverse Tech Geek

Diverse Tech Geek is a web site that explores the intersection of media and technology. The site covers topics from blogging to digital media to diversity issues in the tech industry. The site also features full archives of posts and you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get them in your email.

Diverse Tech Geek is an excellent web site that offers a lot of interesting information. The site has many blogs that cover a range of different topics. The site is truly a geek’s paradise. Not only will you find tech reviews, but you’ll also read about comics and pop culture. The web site also hosts Nick Carr’s “Does IT Matter?” column. In addition to covering technology news, Diverse Tech Geek offers commentary on diversity issues in the tech world.

Forever Geek

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