Geeks Movies Top 5 Facts

Geeks Movies

There are plenty of geeks movies out there, but not all of them are about computers and math. There are even movies that have little to do with geeks, but are great for geeks of all kinds. In this article, we’ll go over some of the top films for geeks, as well as look at some of the best Tim Burton movies.

ListWoo ranks the top 10 geeks movies

If you have a geek side, there are countless geek movies out there. Some are about computers, some about math, and some even have no computer or math involved. No matter what your geek preferences are, there is likely a movie in the top ten on ListWoo.

The list starts with the 1969 sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which is often considered the first film in this genre. Since then, there have been countless geek-themed movies, some of which have become cult classics. But which films are the best?

Characters to look for in a geek movie

Geek-centric movies often feature characters that embody the geeky side of life. For example, the Ghostbusters series has Egon Spengler, a computer geek played by Harold Ramis. Spengler embraces his geekiness and even draws the attention of Janine Potts, the lead female character in the movie.

Another geek-centric movie features the smartest Disney character: Belle. She loves books and helps her father with his inventions.

Despite her physical appearance, she falls in love with the Beast. She’s only momentarily fazed by talking objects. The movie is a fan favorite in geek circles and has inspired fancy dress parties around the world.

Geek movies often feature likable nerd characters, as is the case with Data in the Jurassic Park series. Data’s love of the James Bond series helps the gang on their quest, allowing them to discover hidden booby traps and other hazards.

But while most geek characters are good guys, some geeks can be downright annoying.

Geek characters are often sexually awkward or frustrated, and can even be terrified of the people they’re attracted to.

They have the goal of breaking out of their social station and finding love, and they wish to become less of an outcast in the process. While they’re not perfect, geek characters can become confident and popular in their own right.

Films about geeks

If you’re a diehard fan of science fiction and fantasy, you might enjoy films about geeks. Despite the popularity of superhero movies, a few films about geeks have also received Oscar nominations. Here are a few examples.

The 2010 movie Iron Man is a great example of a geek movie. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is portrayed in this hilarious comedy. It shows dedication and perseverance, making it a perfect film for a tech geek.

Films about geeks can also include a classic like WarGames. Matthew Broderick stars as a teenage computer genius who accidentally hacks into a secret military supercomputer. As a result, he unknowingly starts a nuclear war. This movie has plenty of geek references, and Angelina Jolie plays his love interest.

While many films about geeks involve math and computers, some aren’t even related to those subjects. The point is that we all have a geek inside of us. These movies will delight anyone who has a geek streak in their DNA. There’s a film about geeks for everyone.

Films about geeks can be as simple as a chess prodigy or a mathematical genius. The genre started with the 1969 sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is often considered the father of all geek movies.

Since then, there have been many more films involving geeks, and some of them have even become classics. For the best geek movies, there’s no shortage of choices.

Tim Burton as a geek hero

Tim Burton as a geek hero in movie culture isn’t a new concept. The director of “Dumbo” and “Monsters University” began his career as an animator for Walt Disney Studios.

There, he cultivated his trademark quirkiness. In the process, he also absorbed the pop art styles and cinematic influences of his day. As a result, his films are often alienated and strange.

Burton’s films often feature outsiders who have been ostracized by majority society. This theme has resonated with geek audiences for many years. But these outsiders are not necessarily born outsiders; they are outsiders by choice, deed, or circumstance. The majority of the world in Burton’s films is overwhelmingly White; the oppressed minority is simply a paler shade of White.

Moreover, Burton has portrayed only one original person of color in his films. In Frankenweenie, he gave us the only Asian character.

This is an important inclusion since the character is a representation of a group. The other two Asian characters in Burton’s films are Ping and Jing and the Prince and Princess of Pondicherry.

The second Burton movie established his signature style. The film followed a couple of years after “Dumbo” and featured a ghostly pair trapped in a newly purchased house.

In addition to this, the film featured a goth daughter, and a “bio-exorcist” who uses his skills to unleash the perverted spirit of Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton starred as the perverted ghost Beetlejuice, and the film became a box office success.

Burton has had a long and illustrious career as a director, but hasn’t made everything he’s wanted to make. His list of films includes “Twilight” and “Ed Wood” but he has also been known for making more modest films that have made big money.

Films about nerds in hoodies

Films about nerds are often a mix of comedies and dramas. You can watch your favorite nerd in a hoodie, or even dress like one. There are many hoodie designs to choose from and a huge variety of colors and styles.