Geek Applications – Top 5 Greatest

Geek Applications

Geek applications help geeks enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities. Geeks take pride in mastering their crafts and displaying their knowledge, and these apps make it easier for them to partake in their favorite topics. For instance, comics fans are sure to love the Comics App, which offers access to over 30,000 comics.

Geek Applications – Xyle Scope

Xyle scope is a tool that lets you view the HTML and CSS behind ANY web page. It works with Apple’s WebKit rendering engine and lets you see how elements cascade over each other. It also shows you a page’s DOM structure, making it easy to troubleshoot your code.

Geek Applications – Exoplanet

If you’re into astronomy or planets, Exoplanet is a useful application for iPhone and iPad users. The app has a database of extrasolar planets and offers news of new discoveries. It also has a number of visualizations and information.

Although the app is full of information, it does require a certain level of astronomical knowledge to understand it fully.

This app is free and features an English-language interface. It keeps track of new exoplanet discoveries in our Milky Way galaxy.

The app also shows the position of exoplanets in the solar system. Those interested in astronomy or in the history of space exploration will find this app fascinating.

The ExoplanetA application from Hanno Rein gives users a visual catalogue of over 1,700 exoplanets. The app also includes rich details of planets in our solar system and allows you to zoom out to view those in other parts of the galaxy.

Another useful feature is the ability to sign up for push notifications about new discoveries of exoplanets. There are also options to link the app to Philips Hue light bulbs.

Geek Applications – TED

Ted has a knack for technology and gadgets, which he uses to fuel his geek life. He has four grown children, a wife who puts up with all his needs, and a deaf Bull Terrier named Gracie.

Ted’s hobbies include playing music, reading science fiction, and making stuff with Raspberry Pi computers. He also still has an original Apple e in his basement, and a server rack full of 60TB of NAS storage.

There’s no denying that TED is an esteemed nonprofit organization that offers inspiring talks from leading thinkers. The TED app is a great way to watch and learn on the go.

It offers a library of over 1,000 TED Talks, which are 18-minute inspirational speeches that have been recorded at TED Conferences.

While the app has some nice features, there are a few problems, including the inability to sort by date and the lack of commenting functionality.

Geek Applications – Comics App

Comics App is a fantastic application for fans of comic books. It’s available for iOS devices and lets you read comic books from the comfort of your smartphone.

Comics are a great way to spend your spare time, as the app allows you to store up to 30,000 comics in your library. This is a great way to increase your collection, as well as learn about new releases.

It also has a few benefits, such as being able to reorder your comics, change their reading state, and rename them.

There are even some upcoming features for iOS devices, so you can look forward to even more excitement. Comics are the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work or at school, and this app is an excellent way to do it.

iComics supports most DRM-free comic book formats. You can import your own comics or download them to read on your phone.

The app has display settings that allow you to read your comics in any size you want. Unlike some other apps, iComics offers a fast and smooth experience. You can read your comics on the go, and you can share, email, and save individual pages from your collection.

Geek Applications – Star Trek PADD

The Star Trek PADD geek application offers an immersive mobile experience for Star Trek fans. It offers information on everything from the series’ technical specs to biogs of various characters.

In addition, it has full screen images and sound effects that are straight out of the series. The Star Trek PADD is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The Star Trek PADD app has more than a dozen sections, including information on the cast, crew, and locations. There’s also a section for “sci/med” and “technology” information. Fans can search for information on nearly every aspect of Star Trek, including the cast and crew of the various ships.

The interface is heavy on chrome. This is reminiscent of the LCARS interface that Star Trek used on the show. However, unlike the original series, the LCARS interface never made any sense in real life. Instead, it was achieved by renaming random on-screen buttons.

Geek Applications – Pandora

While Spotify and Pandora are older applications, they have recently gained new popularity. The two have been around for 10 and 17 years, respectively, and have both monetized by offering a subscription service. Pandora has also gained a lot of new users thanks to its ease of use and high quality music selection.

Geek Applications – Fanpower

Fanpower is one of the world’s most popular geek and pop culture applications. The website describes it as “the premier social destination for geeks, pop culture lovers, and their hobbies.”

Its users can post pictures of their collectibles, follow the latest pop culture news, and connect with other users from around the world. The site also has dedicated communities dedicated to specific topics.

The application has a number of positive ratings on the App Store, with over 10,000 downloads so far. It is available for Windows 10, Windows 8, and 7 PCs. Its popularity is a good sign, and it should be a great choice if you’re a fan of geek culture and news.