Best Gadgets For Geek This Christmas

Best Gadgets For Geek

Whether you’re into sci-fi or superheroes, there are some best gadgets for geek. You can find anything from a Jedi Sith LED lightsaber to an I-box alarm clock.

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

Whether a novice or an experienced gamer, the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is the perfect gadget for you, it’s an Android-powered handheld that runs a software emulator to play retro games on the go.

It’s also got a big battery to keep you gaming for hours. And it’s a lot more potent than the original. Despite its price tag, it’s also one of the best retro handhelds you can buy.

Compared to the previous iteration, the Retroid Pocket 2+ has a better processor, a higher resolution screen, and a larger battery. The new model is also slightly faster and has more RAM. In addition, it also features a touch screen. This makes it much easier to use. It also has an SD card slot and a micro HDMI port.

It has an all-metal design, a rock-solid Linux core, and a user-friendly operating system. And it can emulate most game platforms. You’re not going to get a lot of lag when emulating old consoles, but you aren’t likely to find a handheld that can match its hardware for performance.

The Retroid Pocket 2 has fun features, like a micro-HDMI port and a built-in rumble feature. Fortunately, the latter is a must for fast-paced arcade games because it helps you input commands more quickly.

Starfleet logo wireless charger

Using Qi technology to power up your smartphone is the next best thing to plugging it in. Whether your iPhone or Android is on the charging dock or in the car, you can power up your device without wires.

The aptly named Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger boasts a sleek look and a high-quality build in the space shuttle style, making it the perfect gift for the sci-fi enthusiast on your Christmas list. This charging pad is compatible with virtually all major brands of phones and tablets.

The charging pad sports a high-powered 8000 mAh battery and supports wireless and USB charging. Besides, the Qi technology is officially licensed, so you can bet your wallet your device will be safe.

This high-tech charging pad is also designed for multiple devices and supports up to two Qi-certified phones. Unlike your average wireless charger, the Star Trek model is made of high-grade aluminum to ensure durability.

Lord of the Rings desk toy

Whether you’re a Middle-earth fan or just looking for a great desk accessory, you can find some excellent Lord of the Rings-inspired items to add to your collection. These unique gifts feature hope, despair, heroism, and fate themes. These gifts are perfect for fans of the Fellowship, potato lovers, and fans of the books.

A Lord of the Rings-inspired cairn is a unique decor piece. Its hand-crafted and nostalgic feel will make you think back to the days of your childhood when you walked out of the movie theater and fell in love with the world of Middle-earth.

Its compass rose engraving will remind you of the famous quote that inspired the sign, “Ash nazg thrakatuluk agh Burzum-Ishi krimpatul means one ring to rule them all.” It is engraved on an earthy wooden material.

A Lord of the Rings-inspired pipe is another great desk accessory. It features a long, thin line that is made of high-quality resin and has a functional shape. Its iconic shape makes it a great prop and the perfect accessory for a desk or table. Its design is also a fun decoration, especially for hanging on your wall.

I-box alarm radio clock

Having an alarm clock can be an essential part of your sleep routine. Whether it’s a nighttime trip to the bathroom or a morning wake-up call, getting the proper rest is necessary to keep you healthy. An intelligent alarm clock can help you do that and more.

The I-box branded Dawn intelligent alarm clock is a sleek solution to the problem. It offers the features you’d expect from a high-end alarm clock, such as the ability to play your favorite radio stations. In addition, it can charge your mobile devices wirelessly. It’s also available in five stylish colors.

The Sunrise Alarm clock is another smart alarm clock you should check out. It’s the name of the game when it comes to waking you up on time, and it comes with six-alarm sounds to choose from.

It also has a cool feature that turns it into a bedside reading light. It’s got a snooze button, so you can get some shut-eye before your alarm goes off.

The Zeus Smart Clock is a little pricier, but its features make it a favorite in the bedroom. Its multi-colored LED lights are sure to grab the attention of your snoozing partner, and it even has a bed shaker to snore out the competition.

Suunto E-Reader

Using an e-reader is a great way to read books on the go. It can be a good idea to opt for an e-ink reader, as it offers good battery life and significant weight savings over the paper.

Using an e-reader is also an excellent way to save the planet. Depending on which model you choose, you can carry your whole library of books in your pocket.

The Kobo Reader is a worthy contender, with a price tag nearly $100 lower than the Kindle Oasis. It’s also an integral part of the Kobo ecosystem, which means you get the perks like free e-books and access to the latest in Kobo software.

It’s not a waterproof device, but the e-ink display can still render pages containing text, which you’ll appreciate if you’re planning on reading your e-reader on a beach or poolside.

The Fitbit Charge HR may be the best fitness tracker on the market, but its price tag needs to be corrected. Finding a cheaper option on the web is pretty straightforward. And if you’re in the market for a new widget, the Suunto N6HR makes a respectable showing.

UV cell phone sanitizer

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your geek friend or want a convenient way to sanitize your smartphone, a UV cell phone sanitizer is a great choice. A sanitizer for phones comes in many different styles and works by lighting your phone for several minutes. It kills germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses.

While there are several brands of sanitizers, some are more effective than others. Some work faster, and some require less power. They’re also portable so that they can be carried anywhere. Some even come in a gift box. Some models can be used on your glasses or other items.

A UV cell phone sanitizer comprises a small plastic box with a light that shines on your device for several minutes. Some models have charging ports, and some are built for larger phones. Some can charge while they’re running.

The Mophie UV Sanitizer is designed to fit most smartphones. It’s also portable and will disinfect your phone in just five minutes. It can charge wirelessly, too.

Another option is the PhoneSoap Pro. Its minimalist design makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget. It has a fast cleaning cycle and a manual mode. It has charging ports and a nifty acoustic outlet. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

Jedi Sith LED lightsaber

Those of you who are fans of the movies are going to love the Jedi Sith LED lightsaber. It features several details that come from the film. It also has several sound effects. The blade is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is 13” long. It comes in a variety of colors.

The lightsaber can change its color depending on the wearer. Its battery life is six hours. It has a hilt port that recharges the battery. Its battery is lithium-ion. Its motion sensors make it look and act like a real lightsaber. It has an impressive volume, and bright LED presets.

It has a comfortable wrist grip and an alloy handle. It is a perfect replica of the sabers from the movies. It has realistic sounds. It is a great deal for its price.

The Motan lightsaber is a decent product for its price. It has twelve settings and a lithium-ion battery. It has a frosted metal hilt. It has a loud volume and realistic sounds. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience the feel of a champion dueling.

The Darksaber is the perfect lightsaber for those who want to simulate real-world combat. It has a variety of sound effects and motion effects. It is comfortable to handle and is an excellent value for its price. Its battery life is short, though. You will need to replace the battery after about an hour of fighting.