Becoming an IT Geek

It Geek

Being an IT geek is a unique and rewarding experience. While it is often associated with nerdy people, it can also describe those who are very passionate about their work. Typically, it is someone who is knowledgeable about the latest technologies, and enjoys doing research and solving problems.

In an IT business, a geek is a vital part of the company, since they have the necessary skills to keep the company running smoothly.

Ram Patel

Ram Patel is the father figure of every foreign-born IT professional working at Paradox Software. With a bristly white beard, he is a master of technology from a time when personal computers filled entire rooms.

He leads the company’s Maintenance Division and also plays on the Courtesy Flush poker team in a nearby suburb. He lives with his wife, a curator of modern art, and his Dalmatian, Coco.

Benny Lan

The comic-book character Benny Lan is an IT geek who works for a multinational corporation. He has a nerdy sense of fairness that he uses to his advantage.

He knows that the IT structure is essential, and that code cannot contradict documentation or managers. Despite the fact that managers and IT geeks disagree, they need good leadership.

Geeks understand the technical side of business better than anyone else, so it is vital to consult them. One of the biggest mistakes that a manager can make is making technical decisions without consulting the geeks.


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