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Everything you need to know About Geek People. If you’re a nerd and want to meet a true geek, this guide will help you out. It will show you how to tell the difference between a real Geek and a fake one. There are a lot of things you need to know before you get started. For one thing, there are many types of Geek people, so you’ll need to take a little time to get to know your fellow geeks.

About Geek People – Geeks

Geek is a derogatory term for a person with an extremely high degree of devotion to an interest. This term has self-deprecating connotations, suggesting that a geek’s social skills are less than stellar and that his time with friends and family may have been diminished due to this intense devotion.

It is important to remember that being a nerd is not the same as being autistic. There are many autistic people and intellectually disabled people who are nerdy. Furthermore, not all nerds become rich. Some might struggle with financial matters and settle for a moderate-paying job. Others may never become the boss of the school bullies.

In fact, the term “geek” used to be an insult. However, nowadays, being a geek is seen as a badge of honor. People like Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a famous British computer programmer, are examples of geeks. His IQ is 187, which is twenty-seven points higher than Albert Einstein’s.


A nerd is an eccentric, intellectual person. They usually socialize with those who have similar interests. However, do not automatically judge a nerd based on appearance, age, or income. Geekery is a unique trait that can be present in people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Nerds can be genius and are known to use their intelligence to create new things. For example, they can use the equation of force = mass times acceleration to calculate the weight of a ball. Their love of a specific subject often makes them know a lot about it. They have a good memory, essential for memorizing facts about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The word “nerd” has a history of many origins. It has been a synonym for “nut” or “crazy.” Its roots are in the Germanic word nar, “fool.” It is also related to the Dutch word “silly.”

True geeks

In November 2012, The Real Geeks underwent a revamp that redesigned their entire website. Not only did they change the look and feel of the site, but they also added new features. These revamp coincided with their coverage of CES 2012, which garnered positive press from brands such as OtterBox, Schlage, Zagg, and more. It also gained social media exposure.

The True Geek Tournament is a seven-day marathon event that features 3 challenges: Article Writing, Daily Pop Quiz, and DSA Coding Contest. Those who excel in these challenges will be crowned as true geeks.

Fake geeks

The term “fake geek” is used to denigrate men and women deemed to be not genuinely geeky. There is no specific definition of what constitutes a fake geek. Instead, it is a self-described status. People are free to believe or deny the term, but it should be remembered that fake geeks are not actually geeks.

It is essential to recognize that the tech community is primed to respond aggressively to newcomers and is particularly hostile toward women. This aggression can come from challenging a newcomer’s credentials or dismissing them outright. This behavior often results in a stratification of people into “real” geeks and “fake geeks.” Unfortunately, this tendency is conveniently associated with male-dominated modes of engagement.

Logic piano

Logic piano is the perfect tool for you if you’re a music enthusiast. It has an incredibly user-friendly interface and is highly stable on Mac OSX. It can handle as many instruments as your budget and computer can support, and it won’t crash. However, it may limit your song’s duration to the amount of RAM on your computer. Logic may bounce down your track and let you continue later if that’s the case.


If you are a geek, you probably read Slashdot. It is an Internet community where you can post your thoughts on news stories and contribute your own articles. It is particularly relevant if you are a fan of open-source software created by legions of volunteers. The site has everything from new releases to articles about technical issues. Slashdot has over 114,000 stories posted to date.

The website has been around for 14 years. It was founded by Rob ‘Commander Taco’ Malda and is one of the largest online computer-geek communities. He continues to run the site and oversees the development of the Slash software.

Computer games

A computer game geek is someone passionate about computer games. These people are often socially awkward and are obsessed with a specific subject. However, only some people are geeks. There are other types of geeks, such as comic book lovers and table gamers. Here are some examples of geeks:

A tactical game is one where you can use your strategy skills and make decisions based on short-term goals. Tactical games are often small-scale and involve small military formations that simulate war. They show skirmishes and battles. These games can also help you learn about a specific subject, such as warcraft or strategy.

The first step to becoming a computer game geek is to learn all you can about a subject you are interested in. There are many careers in the games industry that require a deep knowledge of games. In the United States, for instance, you can work at an electronic game store called EB Games, which sells games.


In the past, Sci-fi was associated with being geeky. Still, with advancements in technology, it is now a mainstream genre. People of all ages and interests can now see and read about the future, and the ideas associated with Sci-Fi are no longer just for geeks.

The origins of nerd culture can be primarily attributed to the 1950s and 1960s. Before the arrival of Star Wars, the geek subculture existed, but it was only on the fringes of society. For example, during the 1950s, most science fiction films were B-movies and were not taken seriously by most adults. There were some sci-fi hits, like Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still. But many adults considered these films juvenile and did not take them seriously.

In the 1950s, science fiction was considered a niche genre, but in recent years, many mainstream films have taken it up. One of the best examples is James Cameron’s Avatar, which made the genre mainstream. Although science fiction movies have traditionally been action and adventure offerings, recent years have seen a shift in how sci-fi is viewed.

Japanese animated movies

Animated movies from Japan have a unique blend of human drama with surreal monsters. The animation style is more detailed than Western animated films, which resembles a cartoon-like look. The story centers on a young man who gets sucked into the family drama of his friend.

Animated films often feature characters with deep emotional connections, and this is particularly true of anime. Animated films often feature honorifics to signal varying degrees of familiarity and relationship between characters. Many movies from Japan have multiple levels of honorifics. Still, it’s important to note that these translate poorly to other languages.

Animated movies originated in Japan, and the first commercial anime was released in 1917. The style became popular in the 1960s when it was created by cartoonist Osamu Tezuka. Anime has gained a vast domestic audience since then, primarily distributed through television broadcasts and online. Anime films are usually adaptations of Japanese comics.


There are many different hobbies that a geek can have. Computer geeks often love retro gaming, a type of video game playing that involves playing old video games on their original hardware and software. Some people play these games on classic consoles, while others prefer to play ported versions of older games on modern hardware. Another popular video game among computer geeks is Dungeons & Dragons.

Another fascinating nerd hobby is reading comic books. Many people who are a nerd enjoy comic books and superhero movies. While this hobby isn’t exclusive to geeks, it’s prevalent among teenagers and can help them to display their geeky side.